13 June 2005 | Dark Blogs Case Study #1 - A European Pharmaceutical Group

画像From Suw Charman, writer of the Strange Attractor blog on Corante: I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the first Dark Blogs case study (pdf), examining the use of Traction's TeamPage enterprise weblog software for a competitive intelligence project within a large European pharmaceutical group. The case study examines the reasons why blogs where chosen, project planning, implementation, integration with other business systems, editorial process, launch and promotion, training and adoption.

I'd been thinking over the last six months or so that it is pretty easy for those of us on the outside to make assumptions about how blogs can be used behind the firewall, what implementation and adoption problems exist and how they can be solved. As far as I could see, the only real way to get this information was to do detailed case studies, and this is the first in a series that I am writing. Read More

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